The Julie Stories
15m, U S A, dir. by Julio Vincent Gambuto - comedy

Staten Island, 1993. Big Julie has been a bus driver for 25 years and wants his piece of the American Dream. When he sees an infomercial for a new franchise business -- Lube Dude -- he quits his job and sets out to get rich quick! But door-to-door is not his thing, and his family must step in to help him avoid utter failure.



AUG 20 - 21, 2021

Molly Mayor
9m, USA, by Nicholas Weiss-Richmond - comedy

When FEMA shows up at city hall unannounced, a young mayor and her father must present their town's application for disaster relief. But when the FEMA men accuse the mayor of fraud, the meeting spirals wildly out of control.

Short Changed
6m, U S A, dir. by Barbara Mones - animation

A devious figure invades the peaceful waters of a wishing fountain, intent on pilfering the coins within. With their park corrupted and their dreams stolen, can the park inhabitants uncover his greed and drive him out?

Lemon Made
24m, U S A, dir. by Don Stallings - comedy, made in Georgia

In his old neighborhood Jack was 'The Man'...but with a sudden move across the country, he quickly becomes just 'the new kid'. So when life gives you make lemonade...unless you're the new kid, caught up in a turf war between two rival lemonade gangs.Somehow, Jack will claw his way to the top! And he will come out, a Lemon Made man!

When Am I Going to Make a Living

Shorts Block # 3

Screens Friday July 7 at 6:15 pm

84 min. TRT

30m, USA, by Jacob Allinson - drama

Set in small town middle America, Clive Jr is a man with no means of changing his drug dealing drop-out path in life. While living under the shadow of his vicious father and girlfriend, Jr sets out to change his fate with a less than righteous plan on how to get quick money and live the life he dreams of. He enlisted the help of his family with a guarantee of an equal payout, but someone thinks why have half when you can have it all?