AUG 20 - 21, 2021

5m, U S A, dir. by Jordan Anstatt

Emily comes home late and finds her husband Anthony sleepwalking. As Anthony's actions become more unpredictable, Emily is determined to keep herself – and her secret – safe.

10 min. Made in Georgia, by Fernando Mattos 

Two strangers forge a bond through their apartment windows. 

6m, Made in Georgia, by Rob Tiffin, Ben Lamm,  Mitchell Hardage

Zachary Neon gets some bad news.

Say Cheese
8m, Made in Georgia, dir. by Philip Rakesh

Jessa finds pictures of herself, on her phone, taken while she was asleep. The mystery surrounding these pictures unravels as she confronts her boyfriend.

Marisa at Brunch
5m, Made in Georgia, dir. by Jonathan Smith

Trying to tune out the Valley Girls at a wedding brunch, Marisa searches for a date to the wedding. After working up the courage to ask a man across the restaurant to be her date, her plans are suddenly foiled.

First Kiss
3m, Made in Georgia, by Justin Stearns

A socially awkward teenage girl finally gets her first kiss with the unexpected help of her sister.

The Forever Woods
14m, Made in Georgia, dir. by John Jamilkowski

An unexpected story about the interior life of a young girl after a world-wide apocalypse.

80s Dating Video Remix
7m, Made in Georgia, dir. by Nicole Kemper, Hillary R. Heath

True love is just a phone call away!

Bring Me Home Local Shorts

Shorts Block #5

Screens Friday July 7 at 9:20 PM

79 min. TRT

12m, Made in Georgia, by Timothy Collins

A young woman awakens in the woods, alone and covered in blood, with no memory of how she got there.

9m, Made in Georgia, dir. by Paxton Swafford

Bored teenagers Haile Kifer and Nicholas Brady antagonize a lonely, old man, until he decides to seek revenge.