Best Horror Short Nominees

Director Jason Sheedy

Sleep Now
Director Pål Gustavsen

Speed Trap
​Director Chris Freeman

The Barber
Director Sergiy Pudich - WINNER

Best Experimental Short Nominees

Seven Years
Director Lexi Read - WINNER

What I Should Have Said
Director Jamie Donohoe


Best Narrative Short Nominees

The Forgotten Place
Director Oscar Rene Lozoya

Director Kristina Arjona

The Invasion
Director Alberto Agnello

The Mark
Director Devin E. Haqq  - WINNER

Best Animated Short Nominees

Derek the Sheep - The Grass is Always Greener 
Director Doctor Simpo

Little Girl Grace
Director Taz Lake

Director Jess Paolo

Director Tuomas Kurtakko - WINNER

Best Sci-Fi Short Nominees

33 Floors
​Director Chris Austen

It’s Okay
Directors Justin Giddings & Ryan Welsh

Sweet Nothings
Director Christian Klein  - WINNER

Director Bruno du Bois

Best Drama Short Nominees

A Unique Opportunity
​Director David Babich

Proof of Loss
​Director Katherine Fisher

Director Adam DeCarlo

The Punishment
Director Chris Sexton Fletcher - WINNER

Best Documentary Short Nominees

Director Kjell Redal

​Director Jordan Ingram

Slow Burn & The Muse
​Director Darah Golub 

Tears Teacher
Director Noemie Nakai  - WINNER

Best Local Short Nominees

Back to the Woods
Director A.K. Espada

Director James Faucett

Late for Christmas
Director Blake Studwell - WINNER

Director Liam Tangum

Best Foreign Short Nominees

Hush-Hush, Forest
Director Chenglang

Imelda and Luis 
Director Leonel Chee - WINNER

​Snorrie (Mustachio)
Director Victoria Warmerdam

The Coppice
Director Thorsten Gritschke

Best Comedy Short Nominees

Flush Lou
Director Madison Stewart Leonard

Long Time No See
Director Andres Grille

Mr. Hundred Thousand Dollars
Director Alan Smith

She Had It Coming
Director Gedde Watanabe - WINNER