The Parts That Stay
Director Sarah Alison Hodges - 6 min.

Two sisters struggle to process conflicting memories of their mother on the day of her funeral while an overly enthusiastic funeral director tries to make sure they receive an excellent experience in customer service.

Shorts Block Two - "I Will Always Love You"​

Friday, August 28, 2020 -  10:10 PM

Director Peter Vietro-Hannum - 7 min.

As her husband Walter shows increasing signs of severe mental illness, Nancy fights to hold on to the memory of their marriage while struggling with the day-to-day life as a dependent senior citizen.

Best Friends
Director Jeff Leaf - 2 min.

When interesting men find out that they are best friends when driving a boat.

Jenna Gets an Abortion
Director Jonothon Mitchell - 25 min. 

In the not-so-distant future, a fiercely independent woman recruits the one-night-stand who got her pregnant for a cross country trip to get an abortion in one of the few remaining states that allows them.

Close as Brothers
Director Jennifer Hardacker - 5 min.

Two teenage boys, one neurotypical and one not, discuss what it's like to be brothers, and why we shouldn't treat anyone like normal human beings.

Those Beautiful Moments
Director Vasily Chuprina - 14 min.

"Those beautiful moments" tells the story of a scientist on the search for eternal beauty and life.

Director Caroline Foster - 3 min.

After her grandmother’s death, a stubborn girl finally learns to face her grief as she chases the memory of her grandmother through an aquatic, bioluminescent dreamscape in an attempt to reconnect.

The Sound of Silence
Director Donald Wilson - 5 min.

A man returns to his beach house along the Currituck Sound after losing his better half and wonders if the other half will ever be whole again.

Visiting Hours
Director Michael Karagiannakis - 5 min. 

Richard goes back in time to prevent his father's suicide before darkness consumes them both.

​Life Binder
Director Sara Bess Ferreira - 10 min. 

A decade after the overdose & death of her sister, Blaire is jolted when Guy, a former bandmate turned famous rock star, shows up unannounced with secrets from the past. Will a life-long friendship survive the devastating confession of a long-hidden secret?

Ladder to You
Directors Victoria Watson, Chris Watson - 4 min. 

An octogenarian love story. Old Eric is tired of life without his dear wife, Elsie, but in his darkest moment she shows him that true love never dies.