Director Yiannis Biliris - 4 min.

Filmed a year before the Covid-19 outbreak, this short is about our ability to create our own distancing with peers, even when we are free to choose where to go and what to do.

Director Nathan Chang - 12 min. 

When a broke fashion assistant faces an unexpected death while house sitting, he's determined to cover his tracks before losing both his job and deteriorating sanity.

Gary Got Involved!
Director Lonny Ross - 13 min.

A volunteer begins to feel taken for granted by the local politician he's been campaigning for.

Everyone Will Die
Director Andrew Burn - 7 min. 

In this dark comedy about a meteor disaster that is taking over the world, a couple bickers about whether the news is “real” and how they should proceed. 

Director Joseph Yates - 8 min. 

A gripping medical drama about a family who gathers at their son's deathbed after he fatally inserts a cucumber up his own rectum. Warning: Puns.

Mimi's Revenge
Directors Blake Studwell, Ken Maclaughlin - 4 min. 

Some recipes should stay in the family.

An Apartment In New York
Director Chad Knuth - 3 min. 

An experimental short film about the discovery of a body, that delves into a bizarre behavior study and the subsequent possibilities of murder.

Director Marshall Seese, Jr. - 8 min. 

Audrey has thousands of followers for her beauty tutorials, Tyler is living the party life, Jonathan is celebrating his wedding anniversary, and Chloe is spreading calm with her yoga poses. But looks can be deceiving. Peering behind the curtain of these four people connected by their social media feeds, we see that reality isn't stranger than fiction--it is fiction.

Shorts Block Five "All Wrapped Up in You"​

Saturday August 29, 2020 10:20 PM

Ring Fingered
Directors Alex Parkinson, Blake Studwell  - 4 min.

Kimberly and George show their friends Walter and Daisy what it takes to make a marriage work.

Wife Material
Directors Melanie Leanne Miller, Ivan Salinas - 3 min.

A short musical comedy about a girl realizing she is not Wife Material embracing it and maybe, just maybe finding someone who loves her for her!