A Winner Needs a Wand Shorts Program

Saturday, July 16 at 2:00 pm  -  104 min. TRT

Farmer Glorp
dir. by Timothy Keebler, Bryan Colvin  -  USA  - 7 min.

film website

An animated short featuring a green, four-eyed alien who tends his field of solar power sunflowers on the sun. On a day like any other, the field is invaded by Flip, an excitable creature seeking food. Farmer Glorp must stop her accidental chaos before his crops are destroyed by her playful nature. 

Buddy Cops Undercover
​dir. by Lynn Ambrosino  -  USA  - 12 min.  -  film website

Two inept cops stumble through a case and still manage to get the job done.

The Job Interview
dir. by Ron Leach  -  Canada  -  7 min.  - film website

A corporate job interview is never pleasant. Especially when it's for a position that you haven't even applied for.

The Lipinski
​dir. by Nate Townsend  -  USA  -  13 min.  -  film website

Three imposters infiltrate an exclusive gala to attempt an ambitious heist of a $7 million Stradivarius violin.​

Clyde’s Place
dir. by David Puckett  -  USA  -  17 min.

Every Tuesday since 1974, Clyde Maness has opened the doors of the Maness Pottery and Music Barn for the public to enjoy southern cooking, live music, and a vibrant social scene. Clyde, a man with a heart as big as his personality, has lived a prolific life collecting many stories to tell.

I Want to Beat Up Clark Peters
dir. by Joseph Picozzi  -  USA  -  18 min.  - film website

19-year-old college student Charlie seeks revenge after his hook-up starts hooking-up with someone else.

Under a Stone
dir. by William Klayer  -  USA  -  24 min. -  film website

A woman returns to her hometown for a family obligation. She reunites with her brother, but they clash in how they cope with their awful past.

Nosey Atlanta
dir. by Joshua Flail  -  USA  -  6 min.  - film website

In the first episode of our new 1-part series on Atlanta, host Nathan Honnold investigates ATL neighborhoods in search of trap culture.