We Are What You Say Shorts Program

Saturday, July 16 at 8:00 pm   - 94 min. TRT

The Bus Stop
dir. by Justin Malone -  USA - 14 min.

A comedy-drama about two young boys coming to blows due to religious stereotypes learned from their parents.

We All Scream
​dir. by Alyssa Radmand, Griffin Devine  -  USA  -  
16 min.

film website

A young woman is hired as the entertainment for a 6 year old girl's birthday party and gets mixed up in the lives of the family.

Wally’s Will
dir. by Matteo Mosterts  -  USA  -  11 min.  -  film website

'Wally's Will' is a dark comedy set in a fictional world where our protagonist is an old and very eccentric aristocratic woman. Together with her loyal servant, Doofus, she will have to fight to uphold her crumbling old-money empire against friends, enemies and some unexpected conspiracies.

Confessions of a Breastimator
dir. by Jisu Kim  - USA - 4 min. - 

A tory of a breast aficionado who reflects back on her life as an animator, confessing her longtime passion for cartoons and animating double D's. It approaches the potentially controversial subject in a light-hearted and honest embrace of it. Although created fully digitally, the film uses traditional hand-drawing methods partly as an homage to the limited animation style of the 50s.

Mary & Montgomery
Emily Mastrapa  - USA  -  9 min.  -  film website

​After moving to a new town, Mary struggles with adjusting . After looking through a magazine, she finds what she needs, a robot friend named Montgomery. Through her adventures, with Montgomery, Mary finds out what she really needs in her life

Black Cat
​dir. by Leonie Savvides  -  Australia  -  15 min. 

​Black Cat is an atmospheric portrait of a single father and his teenage daughter growing apart, as she finds solace in black magic as an outlet for her growing sexuality.

The Servants
dir. by Flore Joubert  -  Australia  - 14 min.

​After living their life as servants, the young siblings bravely push themselves and fight for their chance at a better life, to get revenge for the happiness that was taken from them.

The Land of Exodus
​dir. by Skinner Myers - USA  - 11 min.

Obed, a Mexican street kid with hopes of making it to America, leads a recently kidnapped American teenager to the Mexico/United States border.