Spectrum: Animated Shorts -  119 min.

Screens Thursday, October 22 at 3:30 PM


Tiny Town
dir. by Howard Cook, Stephen Baker, 8 min 52 sec, USA, Animation, Comedy, Thriller
When a small train town is besieged by cataclysmic events, it's up to a simple ice-cream man to rise up against the challenges and defend his home.

Peaceful Reflections of the Apocalypse 
dir. by Tom Hunt, 2 min 30 sec, USA, Animation, Comedy, Fantasy 
A man recalls his brief foray around town immediately following the Rapture.

End & Eternity  
dir. by Yoomi Kim, 3 min 17 sec, USA, Animation, Drama

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Life is finite and time is infinite. Therefore we should live a life to its full extent.

El Mano vs. Japanese Zombie
dir. by Kirt Burdick, 3 min 8 sec, USA, Animation, Comedy, Horror

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One day El Mano, the world's greatest wrestler, decided to exercise his massive legs. During a brief respite, El Mano is attacked by an unholy being. It is a Japanese Zombie! The mighty wrestler dispatched his foe with glorious moves and elegant brutality. 

Oh, Those Kitttens!  
dir. by Joel Benjamin, 2 min 46 sec, USA, Animation 
A close examination of life as a cat.

The Leaping Place 
dir. by Michelle Ionescu, 3 min 36 sec, USA, Animation, Drama, Mystery, Adventure

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An elderly woman journeys to a mysterious tree hidden in the depths of an ancient cave. Her journey takes her through the emotional and psychological growth of overcoming fears and insecurities while finding peace and acceptance in the unknown.

Claire & The Keys 
dir. by John Ludwick, 20 min, USA, Animation, Family, Drama, Musical, Music

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Claire and her Mom are shopping buddies, texting buddies, the best of friends... until Claire wants music lessons.

dir. by Sean O'Neill, 3 min 13 sec, USA, Animation, Family, Drama 
A boy and his dog enjoy a companionship as they grow together.

Palmer's Beard 
dir. by Brad Lambert, 8 min, USA, Animation, Comedy 
An eccentric butcher defies social norms and becomes a town pariah when he grows a robust beard in 1830s Massachusetts.

Fast Yeti 
dir. by Denise Plauch√©, 1 min 33 sec, USA, Comedy, Fantasy

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A mischievous yeti goes a bit too far in pursuit of fun while shredding the gnar.

Zombie Zealot 
dir. by Michael T. Scott,  3 min, USA, Comedy, Horror, Science Fiction

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Would Jesus frown upon eating brains? One Zombie thinks so.

Tick Tock 
dir. by Zeynep Kocak, 9 min 15 sec, Turkey, Animation

The beautiful thing is not the goal you achieve, it is the road that takes you there with hope!

Dji. Death Sails 
dir. by Dmitri Voloshin, 5 min 18 sec, Moldova, Animation

Bad days at work may happen in anyone's life, even if you are a Grim Reaper.

Superior Living 
dir. by Steven Kahn, 25 min 15 sec, USA, Animation, Comedy 
A modern day 'tool-bag' in search of the perfect pinata for his daughter's birthday.

So It Goes 
dir. by Alex Pope, 46 sec, USA, Animation, Fantasy
A short story about the beauty that comes with the burdens of life.

dir. by Yangzi She, 7 min 40 sec, USA, Animation, Drama 
Durian was born with his facial expressions opposite to everyone else. The film shows a time span of this little boy growing into a young adult, by displaying milestones in both his real life and his imaginary world.

Work Sucks!
dir. by Kevin Fintland, 2 min 35 sec, USA, Comedy 
A disgruntled employee, an ass chewing and a magic 8 ball. What could go wrong?

Old Man & The Sea in 15 Seconds 
dir. by Eduardo Cintron, 15 sec, USA, Drama, Action, Adventure 
To keep Hemingway's work relevant in a culture where attention spans seem to get progressively shorter, we condensed Hemingway's most famous literary masterpieces into 15 second very-short films. 
For Whom The Bell Tolls in 15 Seconds 
dir. by Eduardo Cintron, 15 sec, USA, Drama, War, Action 
This is For Whom The Bell Tolls in 15 Seconds.

A Farewell To Arms in 15 Seconds 
dir. by Eduardo Cintron, 15 sec, USA, Drama, Romance, War 
This is A Farewell to Arms in 15 Seconds

Alien Love Story
dir. by Ron McDougall, 6 min, Canada, Animation, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure 
In this short animation, two star-crossed aliens attempt to connect across the void of space, taking a journey of evolution and transformation.


October 21 - 23 , 2015 at doogallery in Atlanta Ga