The Secret of Joy
16m, USA, by Max Bartoli - fantasy

Joy, a 10 y.o. dreams of being a fairy in King Arthur's world, a land populated by valiant knights, beautiful fairies, little elves and monsters to be defeated. A world of beauty only a child can imagine; a tale that enchants the viewers until…

After The Reunion
14m, Finland, dir. by Kirsikka Saari - comedy, drama

Fifty-year-old Saila wakes up next to her old classmate Esa the morning after their class reunion. To her surprize, Esa recalls things about her she has herself already forgotten.

5m, U S A, dir. by Jason Silva - comedy

A well-intentioned man doesn't understand why the girl of his dreams wants nothing to do with him.

Paige Pounces
8m, USA, by Jackie Geary - comedy

Paige needs a little bit of a push towards her crush and her roommate isn't afraid to do it.

6m, Australia, dir. by Dane McCusker - drama

The definition of acceptable behavior is examined when a drunk student comes back to Patrick's house after a night out.

Soldier of Love

Shorts Block # 1

Screens Friday, July 7 at 3:00 pm

76 min. TRT

Good Hair
27m, USA, by Fray Forde, Catherine Dee Holly - romance, comedy

A conditioner bottle spawns what appears to be argument of the day for couple Frankie and Khi. Good Hair explores a millennial long-term relationship and the split ends along the way.



AUG 20 - 21, 2021