Ship to Wreck : Local Shorts -  71 min.

Screens Wednesday, October 21 at 7:00 PM

20 BAHT 
dir. by Rachel Kessler, 19 min 57 sec, USA, Documentary

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20 BAHT exposes invisible slavery in plain sight. The film is set on Bangkok's Khaosan Road, a world renowned strip of bars, clubs, and hostels known as the 'center of the backpacking universe.' Tourists flock to Khaosan for it's famous nightlife. But at what cost? 20 BAHT tells the heartbreaking story of child trafficking that lies beneath the fun.

The Minimalist
dir. by Jennifer Smith, 13 min 56 sec, USA, Comedy 
While robbing the house of an artist, Frank falls in love with a painting and decides to buy it from the artist at a gallery opening, but after bonding with the artist during a discussion about the painting, Frank is found out.

Face Time 
dir. by Rod Dixon, 5 min 3 sec, USA, Comedy

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Modern technology interferes with the natural interaction of an older man and his younger lover.

The Dove's Plight
dir. by John Gordon, 19 min 24 sec, USA, Drama, Thriller, Mystery 
If you start the spark, and I fan the flame, who is responsible for the fire? Two random couples patron the same bar, and through a series of small accidental occurrences the friction builds. When someone ends up dead and another jailed for the murder we are forced to ask how random are these couples, and how accidental are these occurrences.

Tennessee Two Step
dir. by Bryan Redding, 13 min 10 sec, USA, Film Noir, Drama, Thriller, Crime

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Reed Constance has spent his entire life juggling his skill sets and the groups of people those skills bring him in contact with. Today is proving an exceptionally challenging one for him. Whether he is dealing with low life thieves or angry mob bosses, Reed has discovered that the only way to keep alive is to stay ahead. And right now, Reed finds himself one step from the door and two steps from safety.


October 21 - 23 , 2015 at doogallery in Atlanta Ga