October 21 - 23 , 2015 at doogallery in Atlanta Ga

Shake It Out Shorts  -   90 min.

Screens Thursday, October 22 at 8:30 PM

Inside Outside
dir. by Shira Meishar, 12 min 38 sec, Israel, Drama 
A young woman, confused and upset by recent events, finds unexpected comfort at a gas station.

A Conversational Place
dir. by Bob Giraldi, 13 min 24 sec, USA, Comedy 
A narcissistic voice over coach learns of a love affair between her angry daughter and a nervous female student-- as they all collide in a conversational place.

dir. by Dylan Patterson, 18 min 32 sec, USA, Comedy, Drama, Romance
Anhedonia is a modern fairy tale about a rich & famous CEO who has the perfect life until his daughter loses her will to live. Desperate to help her, he holds a contest and offers a million dollars to whoever can convince her that life's worth living. 

The Script Re-Right 
dir. by Maddie Mindling, 13 min 49 sec, USA, Comedy 
The voice behind the trains of Hartsfield-Jaskcon International Airport stars in this voiceover comedy about how to best write for Millennials and 'Generation Selfie.'

Still Standing: The Matt Bannister Story 
dir. by Ellory Elkayem, 9 min 7 sec, New Zealand, Comedy

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A Kiwi loser reflects on his talent for doing nothing, which in the 80s helped him to excel at the fictional sport of Static Athletics (standing still). It was a talent which saw him rise to global recognition, until everything went wrong at the World Championships in Prague....

Mother’s Day
dir. by Nico Raineau, 21 min 58 sec, USA, Comedy, Drama

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A character driven narrative about getting your shit together. Mara, an irresponsible twenty something, wakes up in a stranger's bed after yet another one night stand. When the man leaves for work she becomes suddenly burdened with the task of having to care for his 6-year-old son. Left with no choice, she takes the boy along for an arduous day in which she struggles not to lose her job and grapples with finally having to take some responsibility for once.