Only if for a Night Shorts  -  84 min.

Screens Friday, October 23 at 9:30 PM

dir. by Alec Lockavitch , 1 min 33 sec, USA, Drama 
A girl talks to her friend about her fear of dying. 

American Virgin 
dir. by Tamzin Merchant, 16 min 38 sec, USA, Comedy, Drama

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When Allie's Dad can't afford to pay for her to attend Juilliard Summer School, she decides to raise the money by selling her most precious asset...

Persephone Goes Home 
dir. by Laura Holliday,  8 min 11 sec, USA, Comedy

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A socially awkward girl returns to her home town after college and confronts her high school crush.

A Good Egg
dir. by Sabrina McCormick, 12 min 13 sec, USA, Drama 
Mimi's doctor tells her after a miscarriage that she has a limited number of good eggs, pushing her to decide how far she's willing to go to have a baby.

Dating Eliza 
by Peter Lydon, 12 min 52 sec, United Kingdom, Comedy, Romance 
Eliza is on a date with someone she has met on the internet. But, when her troubled parents turn up earlier than expected, she and her new date are forced to improvise. The results are a surprise for everyone.

dir. by Jeremy Osbern, Misti Boland, 2 min 18 sec, USA, Drama 
Two strangers meet on Christmas night. 
Sex and the exchange of money...

Back Pages 
dir. by Tony Fabro, 13 min 34 sec, Canada, Drama 
A troubled boy's alcoholic 'father' orders a prostitute to initiate him into 'manhood,' only to reveal himself as more broken than the boy ever imagined.

Come Away With Me 
dir. by Ellen Gerstein, 16 min 21 sec, USA, Drama, Romance

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Torn apart by war and social pressure, a woman finds the courage to go to her high school reunion with the hopes of rekindling the romance with her one true love.


October 21 - 23 , 2015 at doogallery in Atlanta Ga