October 21 - 23 , 2015 at doogallery in Atlanta Ga

No Light, No Light : Local  Shorts - 70 min

Screens Wednesday, October 21 at 5:00 PM

August Mile
dir. by Kelvin Owens, 7 min 30 sec, USA, Drama 
A young girl must battle the rigors of urban life all while trying to survive the sins of her mother.

The Glass Corner
dir. by Fernando Mattos, 13 min, USA, Drama 
One man and two women. Everything can happen.

To Dance Again
dir. by Neil Kimball, Caisy Lun,  Charles Leisenring, 5 min 51 sec, USA, Drama, Biography 
Gil, or 'The Cowboy', can hardly walk due to joint pain, but cannot afford surgery. Operation Walk provides a chance for him to get his life back with the potential for a free knee replacement.

Outside the Wire 
dir. by Mark Falls, 7 min 58 sec, USA, Drama, Western, War

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When distant and unforeseen events wreak havoc on an idyllic and unconventional romance, two women venture into a private hell in their quest to restore their beloved to happiness.

Sunshine's on the Way
dir. by Tony Reames, Justin Henny Henderson,  BD Nowden, 6 min 55 sec, USA, Family, Drama, Music 
What do you do when the days feel darker than the nights? Who helps you when your support system has it worse than you? Sometimes it feels like everything and everyone is against you. It's hard to keep your head up when the weight of the world is holding you down. Sunshine's on the way.

Send in the Clowns
dir. by Carmelle Danneman, 8 min 54 sec, USA, Drama

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Seven-year-old Sarah is suffering with childhood cancer and living through the hardships of day to day treatments. The impact of treatments has taken its toll until she meets Amy, the clown that changes her life.

Brooklynn - Friends
dir. by Jordan St. Martin-Reyes, Benjamin Roberds, USA, 3 min 48 sec, Music Video

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Music video for Atlanta singer Brooklynn by Dominar Films.


Road Trip 
dir. by James Barber, USA, Drama, Thriller, Crime 
Two worlds collide based on a series of sinister events.