Never Let Me Go Shorts  -   82 min.

Screens Friday, October 23 at 11:00 PM

dir. by Manan Singh Katohora, 13 min 3 sec, USA, Comedy, Drama, Romance

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After dealing with a series of extreme characters during a speed-dating event for senior citizens, an elderly woman meets a charming, exotic gentleman.

Mala Cara  
dir. by Gaspar Antillo 7 min 40 sec, Chile, Drama 
Ana and Juan walk at dawn on the Valparaiso Pier discussing their future.

dir. by TJ Ramini, 20m, U S A, Drama, Romance, Fantasy

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A world-renowned author, crippled by grief, is given an opportunity to go back in time to prevent the one he loves from dying. But at what cost?

A Tree in The Sea 
dir. by Shahir Zag, 18 min 37 sec, United Arab Emirates, Family, Drama, Adventure

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A fisherman fishes illegally in a marine reserve to keep a promise he made 65 years earlier.

Mother's Day 
dir. by Jeff Tan, 7m, U S A, Family, Drama

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Tragedy forces a mother and son to say goodbye forever.

dir. by Cyrus Neshvad, 12 min 2 sec, Luxembourg, Drama 
Since Antoine, a doctor who travels around the world, no longer takes the time to come and see her, Renee is convinced that she had been a bad mother.

The Break Up
dir. by Desta Reff, 2 min 59 sec, U S A , Family, Drama, Fantasy 
A boy and his imaginary friend decide it's time to part ways.


October 21 - 23 , 2015 at doogallery in Atlanta Ga