I Want To Be Well Shorts Program

Friday, July 15 at 4:00 pm  -  ​111 min. TRT

dir. Jeremy Pion-Berlin, Adam Linkenhelt -  USA - 19 min. 

film website
Tanya returns after six wild years of traveling abroad. To help her settle in, her mom and grandma set her up on a bizarre online date.

​dir. by Daniel Hanna -  USA  -  16 min. -  film website

​A mom fights the medical and legal establishment to save her daughter's life when a bone marrow donor backs out. 

​dir. by Joseph Grout -  USA - 6 min.  - film website

​A robot wakes up to find that he is broken, and we follow him on his journey to be more then the sum of his broken parts.

Outside the Wire
dir. by Shaun Clifford  -  Australia  - 10 min. -   film website 

Trapped behind enemy lines in Afghanistan, an injured female soldier’s only hope of survival lies with an unlikely companion.

Hello Charles
​dir. by Hamish Grieve  -  USA  - 7 min.  -  film website

​30 year old George gets a visit from his imaginary childhood friend Charles at the lowest point in his life.

Colt 13
dir. Luke McKay -  Australia  - 13 min.  -  film website

A former sports phenomenon looks to settle a score with the man he believes is responsible for destroying his life - his brother.

The Exterminator
​dir. by Eli Rarey -  USA  - 13 min.

A man living alone confronts a mysterious infestation in his apartment.

A Selfie
dir. by María Fernanda Suarez  -  Mexico  -  17 min.
​film website
Alarmed by the growing number of kidnappings among his classmates at the university, Mario realizes that the one behind the crimes is a friend of his—who signals his victims by posting “selfies” on the social media.  Mario devises a plan to catch him, using himself as bait.

The Balkan State
​dir. by Bryan Tan  -  USA  -  10 min.

​In the midst of the Bosnian War, a young soldier is tasked with tracking down an escaped political prisoner.