12m, U S A, dir. by Milena Govich - drama

A compassionate veterinarian works as an in-home euthanasia specialist for dying pets, but when he’s called to the house of an eccentric pet owner, she challenges the ideals of his chosen profession.

Is It A CrimE

Shorts Block # 9

Screens Saturday July 8 at 7:50 pm

79 min. TRT

Mr. Blue
10m, USA, by Matthew MacCarthy - drama, made in Georgia

Peter meets with Mr. Blue whom he believes to be a contract killer. What transpires will defy audience expectation.

When Demons Die
19m, Germany, by Daniel Ruebesam - thriller

8-year old Joshua has never left his home for dangerous creatures live outside their isolated farmhouse - the Gorgers. But when his father Aaron mysteriously disappears Joshua is forced to go outside. A decision that will change his life forever for something is closing in on the little boy. Fast.



July 16 - 18, 2020

Comin' in Hot
18m, USA, by David Zorn - comedy

When a car salesman, rushing home to cover up an affair, is kidnapped by a gang of inept criminals, it’s a race against time to escape and fix things before his wife gets home…

Dig Your Grave
8m, U S A, dir. by Michelle Caruso - western

After stealing from his comrades, Jax flees to a remote saloon. Of course when there’s money to be had, old friends won’t let you stay lonely for long.

The After War
12m, U S A, dir. by Giorgio Litt - drama

The wife of a mentally-ill veteran and her son scrape by in an abandoned rv park, but they can’t escape her worst fear: the return of her husband.