Dog Days are Over Shorts  - 88 min.

Screens Friday, October 23 at 8:00 PM

dir. by Gregg Masuak , 11 min 23 sec, United Kingdom, Comedy, Drama, Mystery

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Nobody notices Sue. And I mean nobody: not the workmen in the street who wolf-whistle at just about anything that moves; not the security guards at the building where she works, even though she sees them every day; not the myriad of businessmen bustling around her; nor the young men joking about their conquests around the water cooler during lunchtime. No one. 

Mini Supreme 
dir. by Michael Phillis, 9 min 43 sec, USA, Comedy

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After he's fired from his soulless corporate job, Jeremie schemes to make rent by entering a children's beauty pageant disguised as a 7-year-old girl with a growth disorder.

The Best Driver In The County
dir. by Marcus McCollum, 15 min 19 sec, U S A , Drama, Crime, Mystery

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While tending his garden one morning, Joe's simple tranquil world is randomly ambushed at gunpoint by Vivian and Jane, a bi-polar pair of escaped convicts looking to steal his car to enable their getaway. 

dir. by Dave Paterson, 17 min 23 sec, , Australia,  Drama, Thriller

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Recently released from gaol, John takes a job as a driver for a young prostitute, Trudy. As he falls for her, he learns, too late - you can't save a wild thing, especially if it doesn't want to be saved.

Rosewood for Mister Lemon
dir. by Strack Azar, 17 min 22 sec, USA,  Drama
Mister Lemon is a door-to-door bomb shelter salesman who is reluctantly drawn into an enduring dispute between a pious southern family; Ms. Stampson is mother to River, the only licensed oral practitioner in a six-mile radius, and Chevy, a stay-at-home son whose greatest passion lies in the art of carpentry. Neither party is willing to compromise, even as a submission to one another would improve the lives of them all.

Von Strantz "1793" 
by Joe Leavell, 4 min 39 sec, USA, Animation, Film Noir, Drama, Romance, Horror, Thriller
Practical effects create this unique music video about a marionette's journey to the city. The video was filmed in layers with a projection of the lead singers face cast onto a mask and puppet.

Ukulele Lessons
dir. by Matt Richmond, 13 min 12 sec, USA, drama
An estranged father and son learn to get along. 

October 21 - 23 , 2015 at doogallery in Atlanta Ga