By Karlee King - 10 min - USA

Flau’jae is one of Georgia’s youngest hip hop artists. She believes she was chosen to do this. Her Father, Camoflauge, was an up and coming well respected rapper from Savannah, GA. He was murdered outside of his recording studio before she was born. Even though she never knew him, Camoflauge’s talent and legacy lives through her. Her hip hop career kicked off when she was on season 3 of the show The Rap Game, followed by America’s Got Talent, where she received the Golden Buzzer. Although she is extremely talented, most often she has been recognized because of her Father’s previous rap career. Flau’jae finds herself wanting to break out of that mold and become her own artist known for her music and positive acts in the community, rather than her past.


Thursday, July 11, 2019

7:30 PM​​

SOW (The seeds we sow)
By Mike Atwood, Edson Jean - 23 min - Puerto Rico


Three distinctive entrepreneurs with contrasting methodologies unveil the infectious hope that is brewing in Puerto Rico.

Lost In Carranza
By Marin Troude - 23 min - USA

In the night of October 12th 2015, Pablo Carranza falls back into hard drugs despite his sobriety and battle against years of addiction. Alone in his apartment, filled with regret and guilt, he decides to confess by leaving a final voice message for his first love.

Shelter Me
By Zach Lawson - 20 min - USA

The only hope for a million stray cats and dogs in Texas may be one woman...and her camera. Professional photographer Nanette Martin returns to her hometown of Houston, TX to battle the city's stray animal crisis in this gripping documentary short.

By Jud Nichols - 5 min - Kenya

Avido is the story of David Ochieng, a budding fashion designer from the largest slum in Africa who believes in defining himself.