October 21 - 23 , 2015 at doogallery in Atlanta Ga

Cosmic Love  Shorts-  78 min.

Screens Thursday, October 22 at 7:00 PM

One Billion Dates 
dir. by Alec Robbins, 9 min, USA, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Science Fiction, Fantasy 

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What if you ended up with the wrong person because you truly thought you couldn’t do better? In a passive act of surrender, you resign yourself to going on one billion dates with someone you know, deep down, you will never love.

The Wonderful
dir. by Erin Good, 9 min, Australia ,Drama 
When Daniel is sent to verify a lead for his job at 'Wonder Inc' he finds an equally lost soul in the form of a young girl who can levitate and decides to set her free.

Stefan heeft een Ster gevangen (Steven Caught a Star)
dir. by Michiel ten Kleij, 19 min 26 sec, Netherlands, Family, Drama, Fantasy 
Stefan is a 9-year old little boy who has a lot of adventures. The only thing is, they're all in his imagination. Stefan actually grows up with divorcing parents and uses this imagination as a form of escapism from his home situation. In his imagination he catches a shooting star in a glass jar and is intrigued by it. 
With a little help from his teacher Stefan sets out on another adventure to discover who or what the star is. When the Star leads him to the observatory and lets him peer into the telescope, he sees something that only he can prevent... 

Don't Watch Me Dancing
dir. by Michael Evan Deitzler, 20 min 55 sec, USA, Drama

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An Amish girl struggles to hide a secret relationship with a reclusive ex-abortion doctor from her overbearing father.

dir. by Brey Browne, 2 min 27 sec, USA, Drama 

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An unbreakable bond between a brother and his little sister will endure an unimaginable obstacle that they will be forced to overcome.

dir. by Fabien Colas,  17 min 49 sec, Luxembourg,  Drama 

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A tale of estrangement between mother and child, and their enduring umbilical connection, ROXY is the story about a young man in search of his long-lost biological mother, whom he knows to be working as a prostitute in a so-called 'love mobile' along a highway on the german-luxembourgish border.