A Good Man is Hard to Find Shorts Program

Saturday, July 16 at 6:00 pm   -  TRT: 100 min.

City Boy
​dir. by Jonathan Downing  -  USA  - 5 min. - film website

​Official Music Video created by husband and wife team Jonathan Downing and Tiffany Sewell of Screaming Shih-Tzu Productions for the band Shotgun Wedding and their song 'City Boy' off of their debut album South of Somewhere.

Finding Santa
​dir. by Dean Ginsburg  - Australia  -  7 min.

​When Santa Claus mysteriously disappears and the rest of the world gives up the search, a lone elf scours the globe trying to find him.

Test Drive
dir. by Jim Ford  -  Ireland  -  1 min.

​A stuntman shocks a salesman with his unusual way of test driving a car.

Almost Home
​dir. by BJ Golnick  -  USA  -  15 min.  -  film website

​After years of battle on the front lines of Afghanistan, an American Marine returns home to mend a broken relationship with his dying father.

An Apprentice
​dir. by Jacob Patrick  -  USA  -  7 min.  - film website

​An Apprentice is a story about a young man with autism, Andrew, who has a deeply seeded love for the art of tattooing. When Mike, the shop owner, invites Andrew into his shop he learns of his interest and invites him to sit in on a tattoo session. In a controversial moment those skills are revealed and Mike has a choice to scold Andrew, or take him in.

Oh Em Gee
​dir. by Jonathan Chase  -  USA  -  8 min. - film website

Sometimes you have to get offline to get connected.

In This World
​dir. by Kelly Creedon  -  USA  - 15 min.  - film website

A short documentary about 15-year-old Courvosier Cox who knows he is destined to be a star. Struggling to find his place in the complex world of inner-city Durham, NC, he undertakes a relentless quest to escape into the spotlight.

The Double Cross
dir. by Mark Brocking  - United Kingdom  - 17 min.

The Double Cross is a silent black and white comedy short set in the 1920s, where our hero is a young waiter for hire who gets caught up in a murder plot during a party and eventually rescues the damsel in distress.

Chateau Sauvignon : Terroir
dir. by David E. Munz-Maire  -  USA  -  13 min.  - film website

'Chateau Sauvignon: terroir' follows the isolated adolescent son of a storied vintner family who finds himself torn between obeying his father’s callous restrictions and preventing his ailing mother from deteriorating further. 

The Tenor
dir. by Damon Crump  -  USA  -  12 min. - film website

A whimsical comedy about a Prima Donna Tenor sent to participate in an experiment conducted by an overbearing Military Scientist who is testing the powers of the human voice.