Fire-Man's Fetish
Director John Slover - USA - 8 min. 

After 50 years in a state penitentiary, a pyromaniac is released back into society, and immediately embarks on a raucous arson spree.

Club 3000
Director HB Waters - USA - 10 min. 

Horace, a tired cop, gets the delivery of a lifetime after ordering out.

A Home Invasion
Director Maddie Downes - USA - 8 min. 

A bitter couple's marital turmoil turns into a perverse standoff when they unite to defend their home from an intruder at any cost.

Director Zebulon Griffin - USA - 7 min.

Two men being held against their will over a case of mistaken identity have a spirited discourse about the nationality of their captors.


Director Rodja Martin Trösch  - Germany - 2 min. 

Pothead Jamy, after losing his job, smokes a joint on the way home and gets into a badass police control.

Kill Me Daddy
Director Claudia Restrepo - USA - 10 min. 

Maya preps for a date with James, but when she shares his profile with her roommates, they recognize him as the subject of the true crime podcast, "Kill Me Daddy." Afraid to turn the accused murderer down, Maya agrees to go on a hike with James, and her friends Adriana and Joyce follow close behind.

We All Die Alone
Director Jonathan Hammond - USA - 14 min. 

The hubris of an inept conflict negotiator leads two warring gangs into an 8-way standoff. The consequences are both comical and tragic in this whip-smart short.

Director Eamon Glennon - USA - 14 min. 

A pair of Los Angeles slackers get recruited by their building manager to solve a murder. Mystery, Debauchery, Detectivity.

Director Michael Ryan Marten - USA - 7 min.

A composed woman satiates her dark compulsion to consume snack foods.

Shorts Block #9 -  Laugh it Up in Arms:
Comedy Shorts​

Sunday June 26, 2022 at 5:45 PM at RoleCall Theater