Director Lam Vissay - Vietnam - 21 min.

MIMI, an AI smart device, goes rogue after connecting to the brain waves of its owner.

Clean Slate
Director Olubajo Sonubi - USA - 13 min. 

After a botched proposal, an apprehensive Jay agrees to try AI counseling in hopes of healing her faltering relationship.

La Maison De L’Hypocrisie
Directors Anthony J. James, Sean Gloria - USA - 17 min. 

For someone living in a post-war society ravaged by a deadly virus, a simple sneeze becomes a fatal slip-up. Jason learns how quickly his rebellious counterparts will turn on him as they emulate the actions of an overbearing government.

Director Kevin Timothy Douglas - USA - 11 min. 

Bodhi and his robotic assistant "Chrysalis" are sent on this never-ending quest to please those that remain at home, destined to live wasted lives. For the past 27 years their mission has yielded no results... the Universe seemingly devoid of life.

Today they discover earth and are awakened by its beauty. They must choose between obligation and happiness.

The Marker
Director AJ Parker - USA - 12 min. 

A commander gets caught up in an investigation involving a mission to explore a heat signature located on an uninhabitable planet, as well as the disappearance of three crew members.

Shorts Block #7 -  Intergalactic : Sci-Fi Shorts 
SUnday June 26, 2022 at 2:20 PM at RoleCall Theater