Tea With the Reaper
Director Ryan Simons - United Kingdom - 12 min. 

An amateur ghost hunter opens the door to the other side to welcome his daughter back, but when the dead wreak havoc in the village... The Reaper comes knocking.

Directors Mickey Triest, Aaron Geva - Israel - 13 min. 

During the Covid-19 lockdown, Bracha is wandering in the middle of the night, holding a mattress over her head. Her anxious mother, Nitzi, has a hard time welcoming her into her home. On a delusional night, they are dragged into an argument that brings up old baggage and wakes up the neighbors.

Director Gabriel Gonzalez Acosta - México - 13 min.

Concertina is an interlocking narrative film that jumps between parallel realities as two sets of brothers discuss their dreams of one another. The film explores themes of ecology, family, and labor using magical realism as a narrative device to create dark, ethereal worlds that offer a glimpse into the power of the physical realm over our collective psyche.

Shorts Block #6 -  Family Matters 
SUnday June 26, 2022 at 12:40 PM at RoleCall Theater

The Little Drummer Boy 
Director John Gray - USA - 10 min. 

All is not what it seems when a father and son have a violent confrontation on Christmas Eve.

Calling Out
Director Matthew Crouch - USA - 15 min. 

A young woman preparing to leave for college must decide whether or not to visit her estranged father who has been reaching out to her.

Director Valéry Carnoy - Belgium - 19 min. 

Nathan is a thirteen year old boy. Driven by his new friend Malik, he prepares himself for a strange ritual to become a member of a teen gang.