Director Zack Burkett - USA - 18 min. 

Carl, a frustrated boxer who idolizes his movie hero Rocky Balboa, struggles to get into shape. When he finds motivation in an unlikely place, Carl discovers that the strength he needed was within him all along.


Director Nolan Huber-Rhoades - USA - 5 min. 

Paying homage to the 90s hip-hop legends, Bellringer is an aggressive stomper with hard-hitting lyrics and masterful storytelling bound up in a cinematic experience that explores liberation—and the personal and structural obstacles that prevent us from achieving it.

Slow Moving Houses
Director Mischa Jakupcak - USA - 8 min. 

While a man is in the midst of an existential crisis, a mysterious young girl appears and leads him into a future he can’t imagine for himself, forever altering the course of his life.

Shorts Block #11 -  The Struggle is Real 
Sunday June 26, 2022 at 9:15 PM at RoleCall Theater

Director Chelsea Bryn Lockie - USA - 15 min. 

After a bachelorette party gone wrong, a buttoned-up bride and her party-girl sister find themselves lost in the woods on the day of the wedding.

Director Madison Hatfield - USA - 11 min. 

The fat bassist of an otherwise thin girl punk band must stand up for herself when her friend and bandleader suggests wearing orange peels as bikini cups during their album cover shoot.

Director Averi Israel -  USA - 4 min. 

While waiting for the bus, a spirited young girl-- to the disapproval of her grandma-- befriends a familiar-seeming stranger after bonding over a small gift.

mes, and her friends Adriana and Joyce follow close behind.

Directors Sean Welski, Lindsey - USA - 11 min. 

Diane just wants a way out. She dreams of a new life, a different life. A mystical island offers her a solution to her problem.

Directors Luke Pilgrim, Brad Kennedy - USA - 3 min. 

Meet Souperman, a novice super hero who wants to join the prestigious Mutant Armada at all costs. The only thing holding him back is the very thing that makes him unique.

Director LaLa Halsema - USA - 15 min.

A lonely woman relies on daily affirmations to bolster her as she desperately seeks connection; could hosting a potluck make her dream for belonging come true?