Ripped Seems
‚ÄčDirector Elise Catherine Nation - USA - 9 min. 

When a special episode of a true-crime podcast covers the 5-year anniversary of the attempted murder of Rachel Duncan by her abusive ex-boyfriend Ricki, a call-in from Rachel herself will trigger memories and reveal that not all is as it seems.

Shorts Block #10 -  Pass the Past 
SUnday June 26, 2022 at 7:30 PM at RoleCall Theater

Into Temptation
Director Quinn da Matta - USA - 20 min. 

Twenty years after being abused by his priest, a fateful reunion reverses roles and reveals love can be just as twisted and destructive as abuse.

Tell Me
Director Marquelle Young - USA - 26 min. 

Bennie promised to keep his mouth shut, but his secrecy is wreaking havoc in his current relationship. Desperate to make things work, Bennie pursues therapy which may be his toughest obstacle yet. As his past trauma begins to warp his reality and threaten his future, Bennie is faced with the most difficult decision of his life: to speak or not to speak.

Director Susan G. Reid - USA - 13 min.

Some secrets can't stay hidden forever.

Slice & Hook
Director Raymond Boland - USA - 18 min.

Slice and Hook follows a close knit group of college friends as they make their way into adulthood.