How to Meet 42nd Sheep
Director Yasu Tanaka - Malaysia - 6 min. 

Hakimi’s nightly routine is simple and peaceful; feed his guppies, say “Good night” to his father and go to bed to count sheep to fall asleep. Everything seems to be fine, as the relaxed Hakimi is about to enter the world of dream… until one night the 42nd sheep won’t jump over the fence like the other sheep…

Director Joel Benjamin - USA - 20 min. 

On a damaged and drifting interstellar science vessel, an aging mother watches over her cryogenically frozen son and husband as she waits and hopes for an improbable rescue.


Director Juan Medina - Mexico - 13 min. 

On his first day of work as a miner, Martin, a cocky teenager, will learn the importance of rituals and respect for ancestors.

A Night at the Cemetery
Director Stelios Polychronakis - Greece - 11 min. 

On the Mediterranean island of Crete, Maria heads to the cemetery every Friday to tend her beloved husband's grave. When the bus that picks her up breaks down, she will be forced to spend the night among the tombstones.

Director Shane Acker - USA - 7 min.

This Sci-Fi action comedy follows the adventures of Crusoe, an astronaut stranded on an alien planet teeming with hostile life.

Director Paris Baillie - USA - 7 min. 

The Baillie family process the powers of their Tulpas. Paris Baillie materializes them in this stop-motion short.

​The Adventures of Hotdog Cat and Corndog
Director Valerie Rush - USA - 5 min.

A cat that looks like a hot dog and a dog that looks like a corn dog play together and get into mischief in a big city.

​The First Love
Director Chan Ju Park - USA - 4 min. 

A curious little girl discovers she can draw in the shadows casted by the furniture in her room - which leads to the development of her love for drawing.

Shorts Block #1 -  
Saturday Mornin’ Toons : Animated Shorts 

Saturday June 25, 2022 at 11:30 AM at RoleCall Theater

The Super
Director Micah Cohen - USA - 2 min. 

The Superintendent is awoken by swallowing his own cigarette. Forced to confront the day and his own squalid life he has a momentary psychic break with reality.