Director Julia Monahan - 10 min. - USA

A group of not-yet-humans bide their time in a perpetual waiting room. Like an eternal DMV visit, every visitor in this room has waited for thousands of years for their number to be called to be assigned a life. But for the first time ever, as these visitors watch and worry and wonder, one number is called out over and over, as every visitor rejects this life. Until one.

End of an Era Shorts Block 6

Sunday August 22, 2021 at 12:00 PM at RoleCall Theater

​The Traveler
Director Mya-Breyana Morton - 17 min. - USA

On a journey to reach her father in Arizona, Casey’s car breaks down en route. Shay offers her a ride and eventually a place to stay. With a delay in Casey's travel plans, Shay and Casey soon realize that they are more similar than initially anticipated. 

​The Invasion
Director Alberto Agnello - 25 min. -  Spain

Logic and imagination, fantasy and rationality. Victoria and Paula, mother and daughter. Two different worlds, distant, perhaps irreconcilable.
An unusual event will bring them together. Or will separate them forever.

Director Kristina Arjona - 6 min. - USA    

Two Amish teens embark on a rite of passage as they discuss sex, self-discovery, and the taste of cigarettes.

​Hush-Hush, Forest
Director Chenglang - 19 min. -  China

The bond between child and mother will never be broken.