Flush Lou 
Director Madison Stewart Leonard - 9 min. - USA

A daughter, mother and grandmother mourn the loss of their beloved, Lou Ackerly after he is accidentally cremated.

Kia Summer Sales Event
Director Brendan Walter - 6 min. - USA

An innocent conversation about a new car between a Juggalo boyfriend and girlfriend devolves into an existential, harrowing relationship crisis surrounding infidelity, family and their (possibly fabricated) deepest darkest secrets.

180 Seconds
Director Perry Strong - 4 min. - USA

A man travels six months into the past to warn himself not to get fat during the pandemic shutdown.

Third Date
Director Michael Kellman - 6 min. USA

Daniel is very excited for his date with Samantha, until he gets locked in his bathroom. As he struggles to get out, Samantha is left waiting outside. In the end, hearts are broken and Daniel is in great danger.

Wally Wenda
Director Diane Russo - 5 min. -  USA

An unconventional sailor on a solo trip across the Atlantic finds herself on the brink of starvation and must use her wits and resources to figure out her next meal.

Inconvenience Store
Director Danny Coolahan - 5 min. Australia

A man attempts to rob a convenience store but gets a little more than he bargained for…

​Big Weekend Plans
Director Tesha Kondrat- 5 min. - USA

An isolated woman struggles with suicide at a lake house in Michigan.

Morning Sickness
Director Alejandro Baquero - 8 min. - Colombia

Danielle's boyfriend is a real mother-fu**er.

Director Udoy Rahim - 6 min. - USA

A very pregnant Cherish has run out of gas on her way to the hospital. She should do literally anything except try to steal gas from a stranger.

Epic Fails :

Comedy Shorts Block 11

Sunday August 22, 2021 at 8:40 PM at RoleCall Theater

Late for Christmas
Director Blake Studwell - 6 min. USA

A hilarious take on a Hallmark home for Christmas story.

Early Shift: The Remnant
Director Josh Lunetta - 10 min. - USA

A store clerk works the graveyard shift, and his new customers might just make that term literal.

She Had It Coming
Director Gedde Watanabe - 9 min. - USA

Vivian Dean is dead. She was killed at a baby shower... Went down a flight of stairs. And now she is hellbent on finding out who did it.

Directors Greyson A. Welch, Silas Borelly - 4 min. - USA

Three guys caught in a bar fight. Who's telling the true story?