​Hallowed Ground
Director Randy Cook - 3 min. - USA

A woman finds herself captured by a unique psychopath.

Director Borja Ros Espejo - 10 min. - Spain

A girl receives a box where she finds a sinister photo. Then strange things start to happen.

Speed Trap
Director Chris Freeman - 8 min. - USA

A friendly woman is pulled over in the middle of nowhere by an officer who is not what he seems.

Sleep Now 
Director Pål Gustavsen - 7 min. - Norway

A father is tucking his young son to bed. As the child tries to fall asleep, mysterious events take place, blurring the lines between fiction and reality, and making the boy confront a tragic past.

The Coppice
Director Thorsten Gritschke - 10 min. - United Kingdom

Tom and Jen spend the weekend away at a remote cottage to relax and reconnect before their baby is due. Unbeknownst to Jen, Tom has a surprise planned for her. A surprise even he doesn't know about yet either.

Director Robiiiworld (Robert Dean III) - 14 min. - USA

Someone’s dream job could be someone else’s nightmare.

Director Jason Sheedy - 9 min. - USA

A lovelorn underdog buys a novelty meteorite as part of a romantic gesture to win his ex back, but when the mysterious gift proves to have a mind of its own, he must purge himself of the parasitic entity before it consumes him.

The Barber
Director Sergiy Pudich - 8 min. - Ukraine

The brutal biker arrives at the barbershop when it was already closed, but the barber still agrees to make the last cut…

House Troll Halloween
Director Kanja Chen - 1 min. - Canada

Life's not easy being a house troll. Especially when there is a pandemic happening. But sometimes you need to change things up to make things memorable.

Where is My Mind :

Horror Shorts Block 10

Sunday August 22, 2021 at 7:00 PM at RoleCall Theater

The Mark
Director Devin E. Haqq - 15 min. - USA

A young single mother struggles against ominous forces, whom she believes are bent on taking her infant daughter.