​Zero Miles to Empty
By William Bajalia - 3 min - USA

In a cruel twist of fate, two men of different life's form a strong bond in an abruptly perilous world.

Dead Winter
By Jason Winn - 16 min - USA


Audrey, a young Hispanic woman living in what's left of the American south, spends every day of her life fighting for her family. 

In the end, Audrey is left with only one option to truly care for her family -- and she has to take it.

​In Her Image
By Nikoloz Kevkhishvili - 20 min - Georgia

A desperate mother descends deeper into the labyrinth of virtual reality, willing to sacrifice everything to rescue her son from a familiar kidnapper.

By Charlie Alberto - 30 min - USA


A nostalgic family is affected by the advancements of the future and the abandonment of one another. 


Out of Time

Saturday, July 13, 2019

​8:00 PM

Time Was
By John VonMutius - 5 min - USA


A young woman learns the perils of wasting too much time on her smartphone when she discovers an app that offers to buy her wasted time - an app that doesn’t work entirely as expected.

You Don't Have to Save the World
By Kevin O'Brien - 4 min - USA

An adventurer searches an abandoned building for an unknown artifact that will save humanity as a monster closes in on him.