Give Us Free
By Mac Grant, Chad Tennies - 20 min - USA

Told through the eyes of two men, one a white police officer and the other a black mechanic, the story follows a day in the life of each, highlighting the fact that the two are more similar than they appear on the surface. These two lives eventually collide with tragic consequences. The story takes an omniscient look at the theme of race perception in today's America, challenging the audience to think instead of telling them what to think.


Burden of Man

Saturday, July 14, 2019

​6:30 PM

The Mask I Wear
By Brett Newton - 15 min. USA

A man beat down and weathered by social norms is challenged with balancing a conservative family life while coming to terms with his own reality.

One of Us
By B. Allen - 9 min - USA

A white mother experiences her black son face police brutality...over the phone.

By Tyler Cole - 11 min - USA

After being humiliated at a party, a young man heads down a dark path in pursuit of sexual experience.

Dir Jason Winn - 14 min - USA

There's no way to ever prepare for the unspeakable, but when tragedy strikes our lives, do we ever truly move on? We're often told we have to, but the pain can linger, haunting us, refusing to let go. Perhaps there is a reason, a purpose for this pain. A teacher comes face-to-face with the surreal, the unexpected, as he struggles to move forward with the guilt in the wake of a deadly school shooting.

By Tyrone L. Robinson - 6 min - USA

A case of mistaken identity leads to a heated confrontation between a young Black Man and two law enforcement officers.