Friday, July 12, 2019

9:20 PM ​​​

3 Days
By Julie Sharbutt  - 12 min - USA

When three women friends sense danger on a camping trip, they keep each other laughing until a horrible twist makes them feel more alone than ever.

Other Side of the Box
By Caleb Phillips - 16 min - USA

A couple receives a mysterious package from an old friend.

By Julian Scalia - 3 min - USA

A Photographer captures the fleeting moments of a model in his studio. Between the camera flashes, time slips away and a dark secret is exposed.

By José Luis Anaya - 15 min - Mexico

Damián, a vampire obsessed with a mysterious woman named Roxana, finds the chance to become her into the eternal, while for Roxana the grief and pain of the lost of her family will take her life into another path, carrying devastating consequences... mostly for Damián.

By Benjamin Howdeshell - 7 min - USA

Benjamin Howdeshell partners with film icon Milla Jovovich in directing a horror short film-slash-music video for the Berlin-based band Parcels. The all-too-real fears of home invasion create an unexpected and genius backdrop for the track “Withorwithout,” as Howdeshell crafts a film fraught with palpable tension.

By Chris Wilson and Briana Templeton - 13 min - Canada


What happens when you don't make eye contact while cheersing? When Tom's paranoia about being purposely poisoned at a dinner party gets out of control, everyone who intervenes pays the price.

Everything Falls Apart
By Nuutti Aleksis - 18 min - Japan

Ayaka killed a girl when she was fourteen and continues to pay for her crime years later.