By Begütay Temurhan  - 1 min - Turkey

One sincere minute of an old widow

Behave, Kids
By Tripp Crosby - 10 min - USA

Good boy youth pastor Greggor and his sensual girlfriend Kim have been invited over to house sit for Greggor’s new Bible beating boss Pastor Tom. It’s a suspicious gig, but once Tom and his wife leave, Greggor and Kim are free to do whatever they want in a house they assume they have all to themselves.

The Stew
By Chris Wood - 9 min. - Canada

A husband and wife stubbornly soldier on through an unhappy marriage, despite the poison their relationship has become. THE STEW is an offbeat comedy simmering with passive-aggression and absurdity in a stylized 1970s world, reminding us of a very important lesson: what you put out into the world will always find its way back to you.


​Saturday, July 13, 2019

9:30 PM

Tough Time for Men
Thomas Martin - 4 min - USA

Two puritan men find any reason to blame their own debauchery on witchcraft.

Me Time
By Iyabo Boyd - 11 min - USA


After a long work week, Deborah is exhausted and needs to relax. One part of her psyche, Sexy Deb, appears and tries to bully her into going out to a bar for a hook-up. Soulful Deb also shows up- she lights some incense and tries to guide her into some self care stroking. Then Scaredy Deb pops in and whines that she just wants to eat oatmeal and watch Gilmore Girls.

When they finally rally together to get-it-on solo, Scaredy Deb questions aloud if they've ever truly had an orgasm, undermining each aspect of the Debs and threatening to derail their whole plan.

Through laughter and introspection, ME TIME explores women's sexuality, self care, and highlights the richness of our inner lives.

By Tom Stern - 20 min - USA

Based on a short story by Man Booker Prize winning author George Saunders, Adams is a very dark comedy starring Patton Oswalt and Fred Armisen. Oswalt plays Roger, a regular guy who's always been suspicious of Adams (Armisen), his pretentious next door neighbor. One day Roger comes home to find Adams standing in his kitchen in his underwear. The allegorical conflict that ensues explores themes like fear of the other and anti-intellectualism that are very much of the moment in America today.

By Benoît Monney - 10 min - Switzerland

Worried about the health of his grandmother who doesn't recognize him anymore, Antoine pays her a visit to attempt to bring her memory back.

​Valle de Goni
By Emilia Buchbinder - 10 min - Argentina

In a town where suing animals is normal, a goat is put on trial for ruining Christmas Mass.