by Tyler Cole / USA / 3 min.

In a world filled with women, a young man can't find a reason to put away his phone.

Death of a Dream
by Seth Johnson / USA / 8 min.

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Three friends who set out on an adventure of a lifetime aboard a small sailing vessel only to see their dream voyage take a tragic turn of events.

by Zachary Lovelace / USA / 18 min.

After intercepting a letter, addressed to his wife, written by his mistress, Wren, Curtis is forced to confront Wren and end their relationship before a strange, supernatural force destroys what's left of his family.

Local Shorts 

Shorts Block # 5

Screens Friday, July 6, 2018 at 9:00 pm

83 min. TRT​

by Corey Hollinger , Aaron Barnett / USA / 8 min.

When Peter is on a flight back from a long business trip where he has begun to question how things are going in his life, the plane hits some rough turbulence. Trapped on a seemingly deserted island, how will Peter survive? Is anyone else still alive from the plane? Is there water or food for Peter to live off of? Will he ever make it back home?

by Fernando Mattos / USA / 19 min.

Colombian immigrant Alma struggles to adapt to the US while her husband has a successful job and insists that she, once an independent woman, stay at home. As they get farther apart, she gets closer to a painting her father had given her in Colombia before his death.

My Mother When She Was Younger
by Weston Manders / USA / 12 min.

In a quirky little town just South of nowhere, where tall tales and lies are as sweet as the tea, a young girl deals with what it means to be a family.

Keep The Engine Running
by Tim Johnson / USA / 10 min.

Two undercover cops on the take, weigh the consequences of their next score.

by Justin Stearns / USA / 5 min.

Vinnie saw Jimmy steal cookies from the cookie jar, Jimmy saw someone else.