Inside The House
by Jennifer Bonior , Dycee Wildman  / USA / 4 min.

It's best to keep your eyes open when you're home alone.


dir. by David Hess  / USA / 21 min.

Oddball Clark meets the girl of his dreams, but the relationship is threatened by his foot fetish.

by Lance J. Reha / USA / 19 min.

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A thief steals a camera that he later discovers contains photos of a hideous crime. Now he and his girlfriend fear they are the next target as the photographer seeks revenge.

The Itch
by Timothy Ryan Driscoll  / USA / 6 min.

A man goes to violent lengths to relieve himself of an itch.

Horror Comedy Shorts 

Shorts Block # 4

Screens Friday, July 6, 2018 at 7:30 pm

79 min. TRT​

My First Time

by Asaf Livni  / Israel / 10 min.

Tonight Maggie is “doing it” for the first time. She meets Kobi, a guy cute enough for the purpose. They head for his apartment, Where Kobi discovers what Maggie’s real intentions are...

What Metal Girls Are Into
by Laurel Vail / USA  / 16 min.

Three women going to a three day metal festival in the desert find something disturbing in the freezer of their isolated vacation rental.