by Clare Cooney  / USA / 13 min.

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A woman goes for a jog and witnesses something she can't run away from.

Thirsty Girl
by Sean Berger  / USA / 15 min.

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Lily, a once apathetic millennial now throws herself into the task of saving Los Angeles from the intensifying water crisis as a means to avoid her own reality that she is losing her mother to cancer. Heroic intentions aside, Lily alienates those around her as she descends into self destruction and insanity by ceasing to consume water all together.

drama Shorts #2

Shorts Block # 7

Screens Saturday, July 7, 2018 at 4:10 pm

81 min. TRT​

LPM, Likes Per Minute
by Alexandra Chando / USA  / 8 min.

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A social commentary on the affects of social media. Sue has the perfect life, online. But the daily task of creating her idyllic digital persona begins to take its toll.

by Alasdair K Boyce  / United Kingdom / 24 min.

In the remote and wild north west of Scotland, A Fisherman lives a solitary existence. Driven by desperate loneliness the Fisherman commits an immoral act following the chance encounter with a mysterious Woman . In this rugged landscape the boundaries between folk-lore and the harsh realities of highland existence are enigmatically blurred.

The Avocado
by Darwin Serink / USA / 12 min.

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After several unsuccessful attempts, Raul finally gets the courage to ask his co-worker, Rosa, out on a date. To his surprise, she says yes, but when the anticipated day arrives, Raul is met with an unforeseen event that changes his life forever.

There Could Be Nothing After This
by Andrew Huggins / USA / 4 min.

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A mother seeks closure.

The Colorful Life of Jenny P.
by Daniele Barbiero / Italy / 5 min.

Grandpa, tell me a story…