Halter Off
by Jake Bulgarino  / USA / 19 min.

Halter Off is an unapologetic look at West Virginia horse racing and one man’s journey back onto the track.

The Ronaldo-over
by Kelly Naqi / United Kingdom  / 11 min.

This is a story of Emanul Santos. The Portuguese sculptor who saw his bust of Cristiano Ronaldo go viral for all the wrong reasons as it was unveiled at Madeira Airport in 2017. We learn how he got the commission and what happened to him and his family when jokes and memes started flowing in from around the world. Finally, he tries to make a new bust of Ronaldo, to try and show “the real Emanuel Santos.”

The Other Dreamers
by Luis Blanco Nazoa  / Mexico, USA / 20 min.

Documentary short exploring the cultural shock and mental anguish endured by US 'Dreamers' forced to return to their birthplace by circumstances or deportation.

Classic City Queens
by Andie Leeds / USA / 19 min.

A documentary short showcasing the drag community of Athens, Georgia.

Documentary Shorts

Shorts Block # 2

Screens Friday, July 6, 2018 at 4:30 pm

76 min. TRT​

by Taye Taye  / Jordan, USA / 7 min.

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Souriyat is the story of a rehabilitation facility in Amman, Jordan dedicated to serving the war-wounded.