No Reservations
by Trevor Carroll / Canada / 11 min.

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A political satire inspired by true-life events, giving a hypothetical look at what life would be like if the roles in Standing Rock were reversed. Protests erupt as an upper-middle class Caucasian neighborhood attempts to thwart the construction of a pipeline from an Indigenous Corporation.

Close Encounters of the Literal Kind, Literally
by Tobias Tobbell  / United Kingdom / 4 min.

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In the midst of an abduction, two hipsters may have found love.

Comedy Shorts #1

Shorts Block # 9

Screens Saturday, July 7, 2018 at 7:00 pm

77 min. TRT​

by Jeremy Braunsberg / Austria / 7 min.

Veronika is a young, beautifully dressed girl and is hurrying to an appointment with a shopowner. She is nervous about it. Why?

Dick Pic Professional
by Sarah Alison Hodges / USA / 8 min.

Leiah Dykstra is a professional dick pic photographer. Meet Leiah, her muse, and her clients in this short mockumentary that begs the question: is dick pic photography pornography or art?

Man With Beard
by Abie Axen  / USA / 10 min.

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A man with a beard spends his day outside, reading a book. He begins to receive unexpected attention from strangers who are acting strangely. He doesn’t show much interest in trying to find out why, until the reason is thrust upon him.

She's All Wet
by Jonothon Mitchell / USA / 7 min.

A bachelor party comes to a screeching halt when a Chinese water ghost shows up for the festivities -- and may or may not be the stripper.

Sac de Merde
by Greg Chwerchak / USA  / 13 min.

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A short film about love, dating, and all that crap.

The Art of Foley
by Sara Karimipour / USA / 7 min.

A mockumentary about sub-par foley artists that take their jobs too seriously. This broad comedy follows Lou, through her journey as a foley artist. When best friend Spencer breaks the good news about the contest to foley an action film, will Lou win, or will unforeseen circumstances defeat her?

The Right Choice
by Tomisin Adepeju / United Kingdom / 10 min.

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A married couple visit a clinic to decide what attributes their designer baby should have.