The Catcher
dir. by Cassie Guidry  / USA / 3 min.

A Soldier suffering with PTSD seeks the aid of a Dreamcatcher Weaver to save him from his nightmares.


by Graham Annable / USA / 6 min.

Working on the weekend can really blow.

Agent Bird
dir. by Ethan Yazel  / USA / 2 min.

Just another day's work for this avian secret agent. Bullet dodging, acrobatic, and a whole lot of waiting.

Clues & Socks
by Jonah Safer  / USA / 3 min.

When a sock goes missing under suspicious circumstances, Zak Huh?! and his team of animal investigators are on the case.

Home Grown
dir. by William Reynish  / Denmark / 21 min.

The 12-year-old girl Darya was once evacuated from a nuclear disaster, and now returns to her hometown to look for her father. When she arrives, everything has changed. The town is grown over by amazing nature, and wild animals have moved in. Darya travels down memory lane and in the overwhelming town she succeeds to find her father. But also he is completely changed and it forces Darya to leave the past behind her and try to adapt to a new world.

Animated Shorts

Shorts Block # 1

Screens Friday, July 6, 2018 at 3:00 pm

74 min. TRT​

The Why
dir. by Ben Miller  USA / 14 min.

When a recent widower finds himself acting as a wingman to his deranged friend, he gets pulled into the meat market at the local YMCA. The YMCA is a surreal world full of hyper-competitive and super lonely retirees, and the widower finds himself torn between the desire to meet women before his diagnosis of impending erectile dysfunction becomes a reality, and grieving for his wife.

Mogu and Perol
by Tsuneo Goda  / Japan / 9 min

A story about two friends living on Yummy Island, where delicious food can be found everywhere! Whenever Mogu is cooking, Perol just pops up and eats the yummy meal. One day Perol finds a very tasty looking Brrrr-berry that Mogu was about to pick. Perol doesn't wait for a second to taste the berry which brings about an unexpected quarrel between the two.

Under the Walnut Tree
dir. by Leah Bedrosian Peterson  / USA / 6 min.

This stop motion animation is about a young boy who has been displaced during the genocide of his people. After wandering alone for days, he is ready to give up but fights to continue to safety.


by Meinardas Valkevičius  / Lithuania / 4 min.

Human activity does not always have a positive effect on our planet. The short animated film Look explores natural cycles of exchange between humans and animals. Dare to look and change the world.

Soggy Flakes
dir. by Jon Affolter, Thomas Affolter, Heath Affolter, Nathan Affolter  / Canada / 6 min.

In a low-carb, sugar-free, gluten-intolerant world, a group of out-of-work breakfast cereal mascots form a support group to lament the golden ages of yesteryear and figure out how to swallow the bitter taste of reality.